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Dáil Protest to mark International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Victims of Forced Labour call for laws against Forced Labour Where & When: 1pm on Friday, 2nd, December outside Dáil Éireann, Kildare St., Dublin 2 On International Day... more

Stand With Workers This Thanksgiving

When one retail worker speaks out and takes public action against unfair scheduling practices, it's a media story. When his coworkers stand with him and speak with one voice, they've... more

Trial of Thai activist starts Monday: Take Action for his release

On 21 November, Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, well known editor and long time labour rights activist, will stand trial on charges of lèse majesté. He faces 30 years' imprisonment and has been... more

New Zealand: Locked out meat workers need our support

A New Zealand lamb processor has locked out 111 workers at its plant. The employer is trying order to force those workers and their union to sign off on... more

The end of Youtube - Avaaz article

Right now, the US Congress is debating a law that would give them the power to censor the world's Internet -- creating a blacklist that could target YouTube, WikiLeaks and... more

GROWTH IS THE KEY! Congress Pre Budget Talks Series

Over the coming weeks the Irish Congress of Trade Unions will hold a series of public talks nationwide to outline why we believe that restoring growth and creating jobs is... more

Colombia: the new wave of social protest and the dirty war against the people

Colombia has a reputation for the human rights abuses in the middle of the ongoing social and armed conflict. Little is known about the resistance movement and popular resistance to... more

Boats sailing to break the Gaza blockade now

This news is breaking: At this moment, two boats are in international waters in the Mediterranean heading to Gaza. One boat, the Saoirse from... more

Repudiate the Debt Campaign

We demand referendum on bank bailout. Let the people have their say It is now time for the Irish Government to follow the example of the Government of Greece... more

General strike in Tunisia's hotels and travel agencies

Tunisia's IUF-affiliated food and tourism union FGAT-UGTT has called a sector-wide general strike in hotels and travel agences November 1, and is requesting global support. Since the overthrow of Ben... more
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Poland: 200 miners occupy company headquarters
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