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Sacked for joining a union others news - LabourStart News Update

Ten union leaders - eight of them women - have been fired because they dared to organise. They work for Euro S.A. in Ica, Peru, a profitable agricultural export plantation.... more

Victory! Sexist Ryanair advert banned -

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has just announced that they’ve banned the sexist Ryanair advert promoting “Red hot fares and crew”. This is a great victory -- and no-one... more

New Zealand Port Workers Need Your Support

In an attempt to drive workers back to the dark ages of casualization and destroy their union strength Auckland Ports has made a “take it or leave it” proposal to... more

Primetime highlights need for action on modern day slavery - MRCI

Primetime highlights the lack of protections for victims of forced labour and the urgent need for the government to address gaps in legislation which leave victims living in limbo for... more

UNI Global Union Alert: Support Dutch cleaners fighting for respect

Support Dutch cleaners fighting for respect: Dutch cleaners in FNV Bondgenoten are in the 4th week of a strike and they need our support. The Uprising of the Invisiblemore

EU unions' No to EU stability treaty

UNI Europa, the European regional organisation of the UNI global trade union federation, has described the EU fiscal stability treaty as "anti-social, anti-democratic and anti-European." Trade unions are mobilising across... more

Current economic model has run its course - UNI Global Union

Philip Jennings, UNI Global Union General Secretary, tells leaders gathering in Davos that the current economic model has run its course and needs to be reset. Addressing a Davos session... more

'Lost youth' - Electronic Intifada

Regarded as legitimate targets by Israel’s military, children have made up a shocking 1,327 of the 6,487 Palestinians killed by Israeli forces since 2000, according to the human rights organisation... more

UNITE ROI News Digest - Household charges, the power to effect change and a weather warning

Average household property charge likely to be €250 per year The criteria on which the full blown property tax is likely to be based are beginning to emerge as... more

Irish Times letter on Rosalba Gaviria Toro - Justice for Columbia (Ireland)

Dear Sir, I strongly disagree with the assertion by the Colombian ambassador to Ireland, Sr. Mauricio Rodrigues Munera (December 8th), that the inordinate delays experienced by trade unionists and... more
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