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Support Turkish DHL Workers Campaigning for Recognition

DHL is the world's largest courier company and one of the largest employers, with well over 470,000 workers. It's owned by Deutsche Post, the privatized former German postal service.   As you... more

World Federation of Trade Unions in Solidarity with New York City Power workers

The worker lock-out by the NYC power monopoly, Consoldiated Edison, violates the mission and goals of the workers union, Utility Workers Local 1-2. After refusing to negotiate in... more

Spain: Striking coal miners on the front line of austerity fight

This week, over 1,000 trade unionists representing 50 million workers in manufacturing and mining founded a new global union federation: IndustriALL [ more

UNI ready to help build strong labour relations in a new Myanmar

 UNI ready to help build strong labour relations in a new Myanmar

Clean Clothes Campaign Take action: Hong Kong company Li Fung refuses to pay workers

 We urge you to support 420 struggling workers in Turkey who have been staging a picket line in front of Li & Fung for three months. These workers... more

International Trade Union Confederation: Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights

2011 was a difficult and often dangerous year for workers throughout the world, with those who dared stand... more

Labour Start: We will not be silenced

 Every June, trade union leaders, employers and government officials meet in Geneva for the International Labour... more

Repudiate the Debt Campaign:An appeal to the Irish people We have a choice: starve––emigrate––or resist

 Today our people will be voting on the “Fiscal Stability Treaty”––the permanent austerity treaty––we would like to put forward a number of points for... more

Major win in New Zealand: Locked-out Talley's/AFFCO workers back to work!

 After 12 weeks, the 1,000 AFFCO meat workers who were locked out or on strike have returned to work over the last few... more

Campaigning in solidarity with the Palestinian people

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine The Russell Tribunal on Palestine (RToP) is a court of the people, an international, citizen-based Tribunal of Conscience created in response to the demands... more
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Australia: Journo union in Australia MEAA outraged at Cairo court's Al Jazeera verdict
LabourStart headline - Source: MEAA
China: Official trade union ACFTU takes a holiday in dreamland
LabourStart headline - Source: China Labour Bulletin
Thailand: Court sends labour rights activist Andy Hall for trial
LabourStart headline - Source: UNI Global Union
Poland: Global campaign launched to end sackings and union busting at Polish port
LabourStart headline - Source: ITF
Canada: Do our soldiers need a union?
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Australia: These condoms are surely having us on
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South Africa: 50 000 steel industry jobs on the line
LabourStart headline - Source: Business Report
Greece: Syriza accuses Canadian gold miner of holding 2,000 workers hostage
LabourStart headline - Source: Associated Press
Bangladesh: Transport workers threaten 36-hour strike in Chittagong from Aug 26 if missing leader is not found
LabourStart headline - Source: BD News 24
Global: Industry bargaining for living wages
LabourStart headline - Source: IndustriALL Global Union
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