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Urgent action: Kraft Egypt sacks union leaders who called for company to obey the law!

First in Tunisia, now in Egypt: Kraft sacks union leaders Kraft has sacked 5 members of the board of the newly-created independent union at the former Cadbury chocolate factory... more

Labour Start Campaign- USA: Stop Siemens union-busting

 Siemens, the global engineering giant, likes to say it's a socially responsible... more

Spotlight on Southern Africa

There can be no question but that the biggest labour news story of the last week - perhaps the biggest labour news story of the year - was the killing... more

Zimbabwe: State-owned utility tries to break union

... more

Support Turkish DHL Workers Campaigning for Recognition

DHL is the world's largest courier company and one of the largest employers, with well over 470,000 workers. It's owned by Deutsche Post, the privatized former German postal service.   As you... more

World Federation of Trade Unions in Solidarity with New York City Power workers

The worker lock-out by the NYC power monopoly, Consoldiated Edison, violates the mission and goals of the workers union, Utility Workers Local 1-2. After refusing to negotiate in... more

Spain: Striking coal miners on the front line of austerity fight

This week, over 1,000 trade unionists representing 50 million workers in manufacturing and mining founded a new global union federation: IndustriALL [ more

UNI ready to help build strong labour relations in a new Myanmar

 UNI ready to help build strong labour relations in a new Myanmar

Clean Clothes Campaign Take action: Hong Kong company Li Fung refuses to pay workers

 We urge you to support 420 struggling workers in Turkey who have been staging a picket line in front of Li & Fung for three months. These workers... more

International Trade Union Confederation: Annual Survey of Violations of Trade Union Rights

2011 was a difficult and often dangerous year for workers throughout the world, with those who dared stand... more
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Korea (South): Unionized Workers of Hyundai Heavy Stage First All-Out Strike in 23 Years
LabourStart headline - Source: Korea Bizwire
Palestine: First-ever collective bargaining agreement signed in a West Bank settlement
LabourStart headline - Source: WAC
India: One million bankers to strike work on Feb.28 in India
LabourStart headline - Source: The Gulf Today
Uzbekistan: ILO Report Confirms Forced Labor
LabourStart headline - Source: Human Rights Watch
USA: 'Day without immigrants' protests close restaurants across the US
LabourStart headline - Source: The Guardian
Indonesia: Freeport Indonesia Mine Grinds to Complete Halt: Union
LabourStart headline - Source: Jakarta Globe
China: Factory where Samsung Note 7 batteries are made catches fire
LabourStart headline - Source: Forbes
Bangladesh: Union repression intensifies
LabourStart headline - Source: IndustriALL
Korea (North): End rampant child labour, says Human Rights Watch
LabourStart headline - Source: Human Rights Watch
Ireland: Tesco frustrated as strike over pay to go ahead in nine stores
LabourStart headline - Source: Irish Times
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