Retail workers in unions earn 30pc more than non-union workers, according to retail survey

Monday 18 April 2016, 01pm

Results of a new survey released today (Monday, 18th April 2016) show that workers in unionised employments in the retail sector earn 30pc more than workers in the non-union sector. 

The survey, conducted by Mandate Trade Union, also shows that union workers in the retail sector tend to have more secure hours and better contracts of employment.
Approximately 1,000 workers from 200 companies completed the survey, 59pc from the non-union sector and 41% from the union sector. 
Key results from the Retail Workers Survey Ireland show that:
  • Retail workers in unionised employments earn an average of €13.03 per hour compared to €10.04 for non-union workers.
  • 100pc of unionised retail workers have pay scales with service increments, compared to only 14pc in the non-union retail sector.
  • The average minimum hour contract for retail workers in unionised employments is 24, compared to 16 hours in non-union employments. A difference of approximately €100 per week.
  • 16pc of workers in the non-union sector say they work under zero hour contracts, whereas there is no evidence of zero hour contracts in the unionised retail sector.
Speaking at the Mandate Trade Union Biennial Delegate Conference in Galway, General Secretary of Mandate John Douglas said the results of the survey illustrate the importance of being in a trade union.
“The retail sector is one of the most precarious industries in Ireland with a high prevalence of low-pay and insecure work. However, the results of this survey show that if you are in a union, you do better in almost all categories of employment.”
He added, “Union workers earn more, they have more secure hours, have better pensions and most importantly, they have a voice at work.”
Mr Douglas concluded by saying Mandate members had won more than €36 million in pay increases over the last four years, which is further evidence that you are better off in a trade union.

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