Arnotts Workers Update Feb 2018

Friday 09 February 2018, 04pm

Dear Members,

As you are aware we are now 12 months into the current 24 Month pay agreement with your employer and as such all members should have received the negotiated pay increase of 1.5%, which was due to take effect from the 1st of February 2018. If you have not received the increase then please bring this to the attention of your immediate line manager and your Shop Stewards, Ms. Lorraine Malone, lingerie Department and Mr. Carl O’Reilly, Furniture Department.

New Handbook:

Prior to Christmas 2017 your Mandate House Committee were informed by Management of their intention to launch a new joint handbook for Arnott’s and Brown Thomas staff. Your House Committee received a copy of the new handbook and diligently went through same in an effort to ensure that no changes to agreed Terms and Conditions were contained within it. A number of concerns were identified and raised with management and these have been addressed to the satisfaction of the House Committee. Needless to say, when you receive a copy of the handbook, it is imperative that you read same and raise any queries which you may have with both Management and your Mandate House Committee. 

Proposed Changes to T’s & C’s for New Entrants:

It came as a surprise to your Union and members of the House Committee, that half way through a 2 year agreement, that the Company informed us at a meeting on Monday 22nd January 2018 of their intention to implement new Terms and Conditions of Employment for new entrants, commencing February 2018. The proposed changes to contracts are as follows:

  • All future new Sales Assistant Team Members will only receive 22 days annual leave (Inclusive of Good Friday).
  • The current Christmas Bonus will no longer be paid to new team members. 
  • Sunday Premium will be paid at time and a quarter on commencement rising to time and a half on successful completion of the probation period.

As you expect and hopefully appreciate the Company has been unequivocally informed, in-line with Union policy, that we are categorically opposed to the unilateral imposition of any detrimental changes to the Terms and Conditions of both our current and future members working in Arnott’s. If management persist with this approach it will leave us with no option but to immediately consult with our members in an effort to determine an appropriate response. A further meeting with senior management has been arranged to take place on Monday 26th February 2018 and Mandate will keep you informed of any and all developments.

Payment of Commission for Online Sales:

Your employer has also announced its intention to cease the payment of commission for online sales to retail team members who are not involved in the online sale. This development will have the potential to impact upon the earning power of our members and will lead to cost savings for the Company which were not envisaged during the Pay Negotiations in 2017. The Company were once again informed that your Union was categorically opposed to the removal of the established online commission for retail team members without their agreement. This item has also been placed on the agenda for the scheduled meeting with Management on the 26th February and Mandate will keep you informed of any and all developments.

Mandate House Committee Membership:

It has come to the attention of the undersigned of the need to increase the size of the Mandate House Committee in your employment. The work carried out on your behalf by the existing House Committee Members is second to none and you should be very proud of the commitment and enthusiasm that they bring to the table on your behalf. If you are interested in becoming a member of the House Committee please contact Lorraine, Carl or the undersigned on 01 8746321 or Based on what is outlined above there is clear evidence that you need a strong House Committee, more than ever.

As the new Mandate Divisional Organiser for your employment I look forward to working closely with you all over the coming weeks, months and years and I will endeavour to represent your interests to the highest standard. 

Yours in solidarity

Keith Pollard
Divisional Organiser 


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