Mandate – A Campaigning Union

Campaigning to Win

Using our dedicated network of trade union activists, Mandate campaigns on a wide variety of issues reflecting our social justice agenda and the important role Mandate has in Irish society.

Campaigning is the lifeblood of any active and organised trade union and your union develops campaigns that really matter in and from the workplace, onto the streets and into the heart of Government when necessary.

Mandate Campaigns

As a member you are actively encouraged to develop and contribute to local union campaigns and to embrace and participate in national campaigns.

Our negotiators continue to raise campaign issues on an ongoing basis with employers securing improved terms and conditions for our members.

Campaigns are run on issues that really matter to you, your colleagues, your family and wider society domestically and abroad. We continue to use campaigns to fight for your issues and to grow the collective power of your union through inspiring and recruiting new members.

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